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Check out the Available Now page – 458 Lott’s and 375 H&H

See the sale prices on used rifles on the “Available Now” Page

Available now 9.3×62, two 458 Lotts, 416 Rigby, 375 H&H, and  just in a 450 Rigby with pictures to come soon.


We have new T-Rex brass for sale as unprimed cases. We are also building rifles for the T-Rex.

New QD mounts for reflex sights

We now have QD mounts for the CZ 550 that fit the Trijicon RMR, Leupold Delta Point Pro, and the Burris Fast Fire III. See the accessories page.

New BRNO Triggers

We now have the sought-after single stage triggers for your BRNO 600 and 602. See the accessories page

New consignment rifle posting on Available Now page: 458 Lott