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New CZ 550 actions

We purchased the remaining stock of new actions from CZ-USA when they discontinued the 550 rifle from production. These are new actions in the original factory box. We have three sizes of action: the “Belted Magnum” which you can build a 375 H&H,  404 Jeffery, 458 Lott or similar, the “Rigby” action which is perfect for the larger cases like the 416 Rigby on up to 600 Overkill, and the “Standard action” which is sized for the 30-06, 9.3×62, etc.

There are many sets of consecutive numbered actions so you can build a “matched pair” or trio for that matter.

Price is $1,000.00


We can also build out the actions with our three-position wing safety and our single-stage trigger for an additional $500.00.


Contact us at 406 363-8033 or wayne@hunting-rifles.com




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