Big Green Monster 600 Overkill

We are just finishing up this rifle, a 600 Overkill. This brute is built for shooting from the bench only, as at 35 lbs. it won’t be carried around much. It has a 26″, 1.35″diameter barrel with no taper and is fitted with a removable muzzle brake. It is built on a CZ 550 Magnum action with our single-stack mag box, three-position safety, and single stage trigger. It is fitted with a custom quarter-rib that has dovetails to accept Talley QD rings for mounting a “scout” scope. The stock is our own fiberglass built just for this rifle. At 35 lbs it is a pleasure to shoot but was a challenge to build because of the weight. My biceps got a good workout.

We are in the middle of building the 600’s mate, a 577 T-Rex on a Granite Mountain Arms action. It too will be a heavyweight. Pictures to come.

Click on the thumbnails to see high resolution photos.



The business end


Mounting Front Sight

Roughing out the quarter rib

Quarter Rib milling ramp







Shaping the rib getting ready for the files

Quarter Rib almost finished

Installing the Picatinny rail







At the range with the metal in the white

Finished and ready for anything

900 grains at 2,200 fps


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