Chad’s 416 Lightweight

The client wanted a lightweight 416 Remington Magnum for an upcoming brown bear hunt in the spring of 2024. We looked at several actions and decided to go with the Satterlee Arms titanium magnum-Mauser to get the lightest action in a belted magnum footprint. The Satterlee is a “made to order” custom action and is incredibly well thought out, machined, and assembled. It is ready to use “right out of the box”, just screw on a barrel, apply your finish, and go bang. We used  a McGowen light-contour stainless barrel at 22″ with no open sights, a clean barrel.

We make our own fiberglass/Kevlar stocks but didn’t have a mold for the Satterlee action, so we had to make a pattern stock to make our mold from. We started with a blank of pattern-grade English walnut and made a stock, fully inletted, shaped, and finished “from the blank”, meaning no machining with a duplicator.

We were shooting for the stock to weigh 24 oz. We’ll see how we did.


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The Satterlee titanium magnum-Mauser action. Sweet!!!

Shaping the buttstock

The action fully in-letted with some shaping done.

Opening the barrel channel

Finish sanding. Looking good !!!


Even though this is just a pattern for the fiberglass mold, the stock needs to be fully sanded and finished. Notice the dovetails cut into the square bridges for the Talley scope rings

One half of the pattern sprayed with gel coat. This will be the finish surface of the mold.

Multiple layers of fiberglass and resin are layed over the gel coated pattern. The mold needs to be rigid.

Once set, the fiberglass is removed from the pattern, cleaned, trimmed and glued to a board for more rigidity. Super smooth and ready to make a stock.

The two stock halves are tacked together with glue then joined on the inside with strips of fiberglass.


The stock shell is filled with epoxy and expanding foam. Notice the aluminum bedding block. There is also a hidden cross bolt forward of the trigger.

The stock is primed and the metal is ready for final polish. I will shoot it at this stage to work out any bugs before we paint the stock








The finished rifle. It weighs 6 lbs-4oz as pictured.

The stock weighs 25 ounces.




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